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During our many years as a sewing contractor, Sunlight Sewing, Inc. has developed an effective process that allows us to achieve the highest quality finished product in a time-sensitive manner. We work with our clients to define their requirements - whether they be product durability, speed of delivery or the use of specific materials - then customize our process for their project.
Step 1: Sample Consultation and Time Studies
First, we gather any designs, sewing patterns and existing samples you may have. It is helpful if you already have a sense of how to create the project and the final effect you would like to achieve. We then reverse engineer your samples - taking them apart and rebuilding them in the most efficient way possible.
This step allows us to create a prototype and to complete a "Time-Study" where we estimate the time and resources needed to create the desired number of products. Often, during this step we make recommendations on how to improve the product and its creation.
Step 2: Quoting
The Time-Study allows us to prepare a Quote for the project - how long it will take and what the project will cost. There are many factors that influence the pricing including the costs of fabric, the time to create each item, the resource skill-level or expertise, the type of machinery, and the complexity of packaging and shipping.
The number of pieces and the project's timelines also influence the cost per piece. A smaller number of items could carry a higher price per piece if efficiencies of scale cannot be reached. Pricing for higher priority items reflect the need to make room for the project within the existing workflow or to bring on additional resources to meet tight deadlines
Whatever your need, we will work with you to meet it.
Step 3: Sewing and Assembly
Once we move forward with a project, our experienced team establishes the production process. Fabrics and other materials are inspected and an initial test run is done to ensure adherence to the design.
We follow an assembly-line process, with each team member completing one task. Team members are responsible for the die cutting, sewing and assembly of one individual element. After an inspection of their completed portion, the approved pieces are then forwarded to the next process point.
Step 4: Final Inspection
After sewing and assembly are complete, our quality assurance inspectors review each piece to ensure adherence to design and quality standards. Each detail is inspected - whether a sewn seam, attached snap, or a heat seal. The quality of the cutting, sewing and finishing of each completed piece must be reviewed before it can be sent to our Packaging and Shipping department.

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